Grad 20181.png

This past December 22nd we celebrated our second Preschool Graduation and Christmas Celebration. 

Our event was a big success, parents couldn't be prouder and the children had so much fun. 

We want to thank all the people who made this possible; first of all the Municipal Corporation Councilor Mirna DiPalma and San Pedro Sula Mayor Armando Calidonio, from Operation Honduras Mr. Vasanth Prabhu, Publicity Agency Oglivy, Rotaract, Printec, our University girls Eidy and Kevelin, Miss Carolina Rosales, Pastor Juanita Ordóñez, Pastor Luis Galdamez, Wendy Melendez, our teachers Sheyly, Jesenia, Belkis y Norma, lawyer Sinthya Mondragon, Ruth Cheung, Ingrid Sierra, David Larry Rick, la Dr. Maria Fernanda Membreño y specially Pastor Jeony Ordóñez. 

Take a sneak peek to our photo gallery: