Familiar Attention 
House construction projects 

We have built 6 houses, beginning in August 2020. All of the families are current workers of the trash dump and in great need of a safe and clean place to call "home". They live in small huts made by themselves with the material they found in the dump. This project changes lives and health overall. Families are extremely happy to know that a dream that was far away or nearly impossible is real. But we can only achieve it with your support!






The Henriquez Family 

The house that Doña Aracely made by herself was with materials she found and carry of the trash dump, but the owner of the land was evicting them, so they would have to live in the streets. Thanks to our awesome angel friend Timothy Bouldry we were able to provide a new home for them. 


The Pineda Family


Fun fact: In the making of this house we received lots of help from Josué´s friends from church, also neighbors, who were genuinely happy for them, as they knew this family was the poorest from the poor in the community. Our angel Ruth also supported buying a bed for each one of the family. 

Special thanks to our sponsor miracle worker Ruth Cheung


The Orellana Family

Doña Jenny is our magnificent cooking lady, her older daughter Jennifer, is in the scholarship program of Grace and is finishing high school in November 2021, Bayron and Sara are still in elementary school. Doña Jenny lived in a house made out of old aluminum sheets, every time it rained was a nightmare, the floor was dirt....
Thanks to organizational partners like GlobalGiving we were able to build a home for them. 


The Domínguez Family

Since 2016 we have been praying for a house for them, I am sure that this family has been praying for far more years before. Seven small girls, mom, and dad lived in an uphill hut made out of materials they found in the dump, in rainy days the hill behind the house was falling off, one time it brought a big boulder, luckily nobody was killed. 
Thanks to an AMAZING friend of ours (which I am honored to call a friend) Ruth Cheung, we were able to provide a big two-bedroom house, with a bathroom, a place to wash clothes, a cooking space, and nothing uphill that can fall off. 
Ruth also supported buying beds and sheets. 

foto move in casa dominguez.jpeg

The moving day


Familiar support

We eagerly look for partnerships, organizations, or friends who can support the unfulfilled needs of our families, we look to provide several kinds of donations to our families, we always look for a way to show Jesús in actions. 

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Familiar support

Thanks to Davivienda, we are currently lifting up several micro-business. Meet the Peña Family, who work in carpentry doing amazing wood pieces. They made our kitchen drawers and it looks fantastic. 

We will keep you updated to show the progress of the other women entrepreneurs. 

Special thanks to Soraya Suazo for all the hard work into sponsoring this project. 


Familiar support
Getting birth certificates 


Lots of children in the community are not register in the People National Registry Institute, which causes several problems. 
With help of our two amazing lawyer friends Mirna Aplicano and Angélica Mendoza, we help families get all the documentation they need to get their birth certificates.