Frequently asked questions

What are Grace Honduras greatest needs?

a.) Infrastructure: We already have promises from local authorities in San Pedro Sula that are willing to invest the construction of classrooms, a school canteen and a playground. 

b.) Operational: Food, medical attention, school supplies, clothing, registrations for next school year and legal expenses to get a birth certificate for 16 children.

c.) Miscellaneous expenses: Medical emergencies, financial support for families, home visits. 

What's your monthly budget?

a.) We currently have three teachers, who just got their salary sponsored by the San Pedro Sula Municipality, as well as our cook and cleaning lady.

b.) We are paying 1,000.00 L ($42.76) weekly for food expenses. Our goal is to provide two meals per day which is equivalent to 5,000.00 L ($213.57)​ weekly. ​We are currently applying a system called "enhanced food", which consist in adding vegetables as ingredients in food that commonly does not have it. This is to provide more nutrients instead of only carbohydrates. For example adding carrots to the tortilla dough.

C.) We are spending 1,000.00 L ($42.76) in school supplies per month. 

We are currently spending 9,600.00 L ($410.45) monthly, our ideal monthly budget is  14,900.00 L ($637.6), that includes: food, school supplies and teacher's transportation. 

Is my donation tax-deductible? Volunteers in the U.S are currently working in the legal process of starting a non-profit. 

How do I sign up to sponsor a child?

You can go to “Sponsor a Child” to provide $30 a month or give a one-time donation visiting “Donate”.

Send us an email to for inquires.


What does my sponsorship donation provide?

San Pedro Sula School Sponsorship Program provides school expenses like school supplies, spiritual discipleship, medical care, two meals a day and emotional attention. Our teachers serve like a mentor to provide a role model and adult support for the child.

Our staff provides crisis support for families who find themselves with nowhere else to turn.


When does my sponsorship end date is?

We prompt you that your sponsorship compromise is one full year, after that you can contact us if you still want to support your child, the next year.


What happens after I make my first donation?

After we receive your first donation, we will be sent your child’s profile and picture by email. You can then begin communicating with your child by email. Please send all emails to  and write the name of your child in the subject line. We will help translate and facilitate communication.

Can I write a letter to my sponsored child?

Yes. The children we serve need encouragement and would love to know you are praying and thinking about them. They would also like to hear more about your life. You can also attach pictures and drawings that can fit in an envelope. Mail can take 3 weeks to two months to be delivered. Please be patient in receiving a response from your child.


Can I visit my child?

Sure you can, contact us for further information!