Grace Honduras is a non-profit organization that serves communities that work and live in the garbage dump. Our project is currently in San Pedro Sula City.  

Our organization


Stand against child exploitation by educating and empowering families working on the garbage dumps in Honduras.


Provide education to 200 children living in extreme poverty and suffering from child labor in the trash dump of San Pedro Sula by 2022.


Commitment and Responsibility: There’s no commitment without personal involvement, its feeling identified with the purpose of the work being done. Responsibility is the result of discipline and perseverance, assuming the duties and tasks that correspond to the cause we have decided to face.

Passion and Enthusiasm: We are not mere collaborators, but passionate men and women for justice, equality and being able to live in a country free of poverty and lack of opportunities. Our purpose is to work with fervor to serve the communities of the trash dump.

Integrity and Ethics:  It’s aligning our principles, values, thoughts, motivations, attitudes and actions to be integral in our way of living.

Creativity and innovation: We encourage the creation of new ideas and paradigms. We believe that problems are opportunities to improve our imagination and originality in trying to solve them.

Teamwork: We maintain relationships of warmth and acceptance with our colleagues and the people we serve, working in harmony through achieving our goals.

Empathy and Solidarity: We share the same ideals of unity, to support our beneficiaries in difficult situations by understanding their needs and responding to them.

Biblical Truth: We are servants of God and we want to love our neighbor as ourselves. We have chosen to live and serve according to the truth found in the Scriptures. We face challenges with grace and kindness.  


Our logo is the tree of life, which represents a miracle, because it grows green in a desert place.

Similarly, Jesus shows us the metaphor that His word is a seed and we are the land, if it is received (falls) in good soil (referring 'good' as our receptiveness, attitude and faith to the Gospel and its promises) it grows lush as the tree of life.

This is one of our goals that our beneficiaries (and ourselves) develop a faith that can pass through any adversity without being broken, by the grace and love of God can overcome any circumstance that life presents to them and their lives every day resembles more the best example of life that is Jesus.

We want them to grow through the work that we’ll do and start a social change in their communities.

Grace Honduras will be a carrier of this seed. The tree is finished product, strong and mature which represents the miracle we long to witness.

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Grace is God's influence on the heart and it’s reflection in life, is an undeserved gift that prompts us to live each day more like God wants us to live, for salvation, holiness and walk in God's purpose for our lives.

It is the power that the Holy Spirit gives us to do things we could not do on our own strength, 2 Corinthians 12: 9.

That will be Grace Honduras focus, being able to teach, guide and counsel the people we serve and accept the grace to help them develop their potential to know God's purpose for their lives and rely on the infinite strength of the Creator that is in our reach, to make our purpose a reality.

  • Grace Honduras is a Non-Profit Organization, whose legal status was granted under resolution number 913-2015 by Secretary of State in the Ministry of Human Rights, Justice, Interior and Decentralization. It is duly registered in the Direction of Regulation, Registry and Tracking of Civil Associations (DIRRSAC) under the number 2015000271 dated 24/07/2015.

Its statutes were published on September 26, 2015 in La Gaceta News, No. 33.844